Innovative Building Solutions, Inc. Wichita KS Access Control Company  

Wichita, Kansas

(316) 262-4114
  (316) 262-4114
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About the Company
Innovative Building Solutions, Inc. (IBS) was founded by Steve Price in 2002. Throughout the evolution of the industry, the company continues to provide innovative technology solutions for new and established systems.

Our Philosophy
Total needs management.

At IBS, we attribute a significant amount of our success and growth to this very straightforward core philosophy. Anything we can do at any time to provide an all-encompassing solution for our customers...this is our goal every day.

The IBS team is licensed for electrical and mechanical work. Members of our team also possess Class-A General Contractor licenses.

We offer a full line of HVAC products from ARCO Air, formerly known as Comfort Maker.

IBS is a full-service access control, building automation, integration and system installer.



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